Divine Inspiration

This post will be short and sweet. 🙂 I woke up one night in the mid-1990s, and the words were right there in my head, as if divinely inspired. So, I sat in the dim light of the den, writing it all down as quickly and quietly as I could. Then I shuffled back to bed. It was effortless to write this little ditty I called The Eagle and the Dove, and it didn’t make a lot of sense at the time; but I truly understand it more and more with each passing year. It’s a tale about overcoming what knocks us down, frightens us, and silences us; and picking ourselves up, pushing through the fears and struggles—sometimes with a little help, sometimes alone—and discovering the lessons and the beauty that our own scares and scars, in whatever form they take, present to us.

The Eagle and the Dove

A small, white Dove lay silent, and a tear was in her eye.
“Excuse me,” said the Eagle, “but why is it that you cry.”
“Oh, I’ve been stranded here alone; and it has been so long.
My spirit has been quieted; I cannot sing my song.
Afraid to fly into the storm, the snow piled up on me.
The burden on my wings made me tumble from the tree.
And now I fear I cannot fly. I feel so very small,
Lying on this frozen ground, beneath the trees so tall.”
“Come with me to where I roam, and I will help you heal.”
With that the Eagle lifted her upon his wings of steel.
He took her far away from there to places in her dreams,
Across the snowy countryside and crystal mountain streams.
They saw the wonders of the world and castles in the sky
And gently as he soared with her, she learned again to fly.
And then he took her to a place that man was banished from,
And suddenly she understood the reason they had come.
“There’s beauty all around us, and beauty from within.
And when you start believing it, the healing will begin.”

“Your spirit is so tender, your eyes so full of love.
You fill me with such joy and peace; I thank you, little dove.”
“And you have taken me so high, much higher than I’ve been.
You brought my spirit back alive, my dearest Eagle friend.”
The Eagle saw a glimpse of Heaven in the white Dove’s eyes.
And he, in turn, had shown her a place called Paradise.

The End